Bridget Granger

Bridget Granger is currently obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Near Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan. Her interest in global affairs, human rights violations, and cross-cultural dialogues began at the age of sixteen when she studied in Morocco for a semester as a U.S. Department of State NSLI-Y scholarship recipient. She plans to attend law school after completing her undergraduate studies and aims to work in the international diplomacy sector.

Dear Bosnia: The Roma’s Struggle for Survival in a Post-war Society
Would you risk your life in order to earn four BAM (two Euros)? Many Roma individuals do so on a daily basis. This perilous practice is but one indication of the multi-dimensional poverty facing the largest minority group of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This photo story illuminates the daily adversities of the Roma population.
A Call for Understanding
On Friday, 1 July 2016, the WARM Foundation partnered with Amnesty International to host a conference during the 3rd annual WARM Festival in Sarajevo entitled “Civilians Caught Between Jihadism and State Repression: Breaking the Myths”.