International Youth School Prijedor ’24: Learning About Facts from the Past Contributes to Peace Building
The International Youth School “Prijedor24” brought together 20 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Europe, and around the world. The aim was to allow students to learn about BiH’s past based on court-established facts. Moreover, students were encouraged to develop a commitment to building a culture of remembrance, advocating for justice, and fostering reconciliation.
The People of Bosnia Must Claim Their Agency: Takeaways from the University of Sarajevo’s Geopolitics Panel
Last week, the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Political Science moderated a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) within the Euro-Atlantic framework.
Sexual Violence Cases at the ICTY: The Tribunal’s Legacy in Domestic and International Law
As early as 1992, the world had become aware of and alarmed by the sexual violence being committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, and sought to establish a tribunal that would bring perpetrators to justice.
Relive Medieval Times at Vranduk
Located 14 kilometers from Zenica, Vranduk Fortress is one of the most important sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Once a royal city, its impressive appearance testifies to life in the medieval Kingdom of Bosnia.
Fifth Srebrenica Youth School: Local Narratives and Global Challenges of Genocide Prevention and Peacebuilding
This July, as part of the program marking the 29th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, in cooperation with the Srebrenica Memorial Center, the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) is organizing the fifth edition of the Srebrenica Youth School in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), from July 7 - 12.
Returning Distorted Narratives on Social Media: Takeaways from the PCRC’s Atrocity Prevention Conference
Digital platforms pose huge challenges to reckoning with the past in the Balkans. Experts in transitional justice from the former Yugoslavia sounded the alarm at the Post Conflict Research Center (PCRC)’s conference on atrocity prevention “Building a Common Agenda for Prevention in the Western Balkans”. Their alarm, expressed in the conference held on 21-22 March in Podgorica, Montenegro, was concerned with the issue of genocide denial and distorted narratives on social media.