Story of love in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina
In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), before the outbreak of war in 1992, mixed marriages were considered a reflection of the multiethnic communities in the former Yugoslavia and a mirror to the slogan of “brotherhood and unity”.
Fight for Love and Equality
In the Parliament of Montenegro, the Law on Same Sex Life Partnership was passed on July 1, 2020, representing significant and encouraging progress in reducing discrimination against the LGBTIQ community in this part of Europe. 
Understanding the Legacy of Concentration Camps in BiH
According to available data, there were 657 detention camps and centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Men, women, and children were imprisoned and subjected to various forms of torture, many of whom did not survive.
Workplace Burnout Syndrome: Bosnia’s Newly Recognized Illness
“I worked for many years for a large retail chain in Sarajevo. Over time, the tasks and responsibilities became more complex, and the level of understanding from superiors was very poor, which led to burnout and health consequences.”
Zoster: Learn, work and listen to the voice within
Zoster was born in Mostar, but it exudes a world sound. They are a band who has had a rather successful path after being founded at the beginning of this decade by Mario Knezović and Dražan Planinić.
International Youth School Prijedor ’24: Learning About Facts from the Past Contributes to Peace Building
The International Youth School “Prijedor24” brought together 20 young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Europe, and around the world. The aim was to allow students to learn about BiH’s past based on court-established facts. Moreover, students were encouraged to develop a commitment to building a culture of remembrance, advocating for justice, and fostering reconciliation.