Relive Medieval Times at Vranduk
Located 14 kilometers from Zenica, Vranduk Fortress is one of the most important sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Once a royal city, its impressive appearance testifies to life in the medieval Kingdom of Bosnia.
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Identity and a Unique Story Woven into Kilims
In the past, woven kilims and other handicraft carpets were a reflection of a family’s reputation. The more skilled young women were in handcrafts, the wealthier the household. Today, however, things are different.
“Djeca Sarajeva”: The Legacy of Killing Childhood
It is hard to understand the killing of a child. The deliberate and ruthless targeting of children during the Siege of Sarajevo tragically illustrates the contrast between childhood innocence and war’s brutality. To commemorate the start of the occupation of Sarajevo, the documentary, "Djeca Sarajeva”, was screened for the first time on the 4th of April at the Sarajevo City Hall.
Jajce Fortress: Symbol of Resistance and Guardian of Independence
“After 620 years, Jajce Fortress still stands as a symbol of the city and a silent witness to its turbulent history,” recounts Slavica Drmić, history teacher at the Jajce elementary school in Kruščica.
Maja Milinković: The Musician Blending Portuguese Fado with Bosnian Sevdah
Sixteen years ago, Sarajevo singer-songwriter Maja Milinković first heard Portuguese fado (meaning ʻfateʼ in Portuguese). She has since become a pioneer, along with her ensemble, in introducing this musical genre to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Merging it with the traditional Bosnian sevdah/sevdalinka genre, Milinković has managed to combine different rhythms and meditative character into one.
Media and Information Literacy: Bosnia’s Modern-Day Challenge
Media and information literacy (MIL) constitutes an important segment in the lives of young people. It is arguably one of the most crucial skills of the 21st century. Despite this, formal MIL education remains hard to access in Bosnia and Herzegovina.