Bosnian-Herzegovinian “Water Heroes”
Although the Spid swimming club was founded with the goal of developing inclusive sports, over the last eight years, it has become a gathering place and a source of unbreakable friendships for children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), regardless of their ethnicity or any other differences. This club has also been a place where children with developmental difficulties or disabilities, who are often referred to as “water heroes,” have won numerous awards.
No One is Out for Revenge, but Society Needs Healing
In the last 50 years, there have been no death penalty verdicts or known blood feuds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite the country’s violent history of atrocities and genocide.
When Coexistence Becomes Parallel Existence: “Two Schools under One Roof”
What began as a temporary arrangement, “two schools under one roof” has now become an enduring example of segregation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with profound implications for long-term peace and coexistence in the country. 
Kuća Klajn: An Authentic Place for New Artistic Practices
The economic, political, and cultural climate of the moment constantly questions the organization of independent spaces where contemporary art can be produced. This art aims to challenge, criticize, and forge connections with the community. It also provides insights on how to overcome patriarchal cultural norms which view art as merely an extension of its regressive politics.
Scottish Tales from Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina and Scotland are two small countries with a lot of differences, but the Scots who live in Sarajevo believe that the people of these countries are connected by warm hospitality towards foreigners, dark humor, and a relaxed view on life.
Reimagining Peace in Brussels: “Don’t Wait for Problems to Arise”
The #ReImagining Peace 2023 conference concluded that today’s youth are the future and the future they need is one of peace. Educated young people are essential, and this is why we must provide them with a safe environment in which they can discuss controversial topics.