A Helping Hand For A Paw In Need

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“Life with a pet is beautiful. Whatever situation you’re in, it is always easier with a cuddle. It warms your heart and makes everything more beautiful.”

This is how Vanesa describes life with a pet. Almost a year ago, she decided to adopt a cat. Not only did she save a cat’s life, but she also brought a new dose of joy into her home.

Vanesa says she is a big fan of all animals, but she decided to adopt a cat since she had already had one previously, which unfortunately died.

Cats, however, require special care and attention

For a first-time cat owner, all the necessary care may seem complicated, but the only truly important things are being well-informed, giving the cat a lot of love, and, of course, having patience.

“The whole house is hers. I choose the highest quality products for her as well.”

Separating pet and owner can be difficult for both, so it is important to prepare well in advance, so parting later is less difficult.

“In the beginning, it was difficult for me to leave her alone when I had errands to run. Today it is easier, but I have to adjust my schedule to make sure that she is not at home alone for too long so that she does not feel lonely. And, of course, I have to make sure she is full,” Vanessa says.

Cat as an equal member of the family

As Vanesa says, a pet may not solve your problems, but it will certainly help you to go through a difficult period in your life more easily. This phenomenon has been confirmed by research conducted at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

According to this research, simply cuddling with a pet can lead to greater levels of relaxation. People who interact with pets, and animals in general, secrete higher levels of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin, which are hormones that modulate mood and help maintain higher spirits.

The research demonstrated improved heart and lung function in a patient with heart failure after playing with a dog for 12 minutes. The patient’s blood pressure went down, and the level of harmful stress hormones was reduced.

Therefore, in addition to the mental benefits of owning pets, there are also the physical benefits.

Dog owners also typically improve their fitness through regular walks, which also convey holistic health benefits.

Animals are truly a blessing, and we care for them with love and respect. One good deed leads to another, so if you can open your home to an abandoned animal, you should take it and see what joy it can bring.

Sajma is a Balkan Diskurs trained correspondent from Cazin. She works as a volunteer at the PRONI Youth Club in Cazin. Sajma is interested in photography, journalism, and anything projects where she can exercise her creativity. She is currently a participant in the Erasmus + program in Slovenia.

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