Maja Milinković: The Musician Blending Portuguese Fado with Bosnian Sevdah
Sixteen years ago, Sarajevo singer-songwriter Maja Milinković first heard Portuguese fado (meaning ʻfateʼ in Portuguese). She has since become a pioneer, along with her ensemble, in introducing this musical genre to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Merging it with the traditional Bosnian sevdah/sevdalinka genre, Milinković has managed to combine different rhythms and meditative character into one.
Media and Information Literacy: Bosnia’s Modern-Day Challenge
Media and information literacy (MIL) constitutes an important segment in the lives of young people. It is arguably one of the most crucial skills of the 21st century. Despite this, formal MIL education remains hard to access in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Nurturing the Heritage of Sevdalinka and the Revival of the Saz
The Sevdah Foundation is an association of music professionals and creators dedicated to preserving and nurturing the Bosnian folk music tradition of Sevdalinka. Young people, determination, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the main resources and the driving forces at the center of their work.
Blue Telephone: Surge in Reports of Alleged Violence
The Plavi Telefon [Blue Telephone] counseling helpline was established by the Nova Generacija association primarily to provide psychological support to children and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the course of a decade, they have received approximately 60,000 calls, most of which have come from children and teenagers between the ages of ten and 18
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Talent on the ‘Emerald Isle’
Fedja Zahirovich, a talented Bosnian-Herzegovinian performer, has been involved in acting since his early childhood and pursuing this passion professionally for a decade. He completed his studies in screen acting at the Bow Street Academy - the National Screen Acting School of Ireland, where he had the opportunity to learn from distinguished Hollywood professionals such as Gerry Grennell as well as Oscar and Golden Globe nominated directors and writers. In addition to acting, Fedja’s interests include writing poetry and screenplays and studying psychology, which has fascinated him for years.