The National Museum of B&H: Historic Fight for Survival
Since February 1st, 1888, the National Museum has struggled with financial problems. However, that has not stopped it from becoming one of the most important scientific, educational, and cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Višegrad Eco Disaster: A Landfill on the Beautiful Drina
The Drina River, which once formed the border between the Eastern and Western parts of the Roman Empire, and today, in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, forms a natural border with neighboring Serbia, has been facing a waste problem for years
The Fortress of Doboj: the Crown of the City
The old town of Doboj is located in northern Bosnia, in an area with wide geographical foothills. The significant geostrategic position around the mouths of the rivers Usora and Spreča was a decisive factor in the formation of the fortress from which today's Doboj developed.