War Correspondents Working to Empower Bosnian Youth
Academy’s goal is to create works dealing with complex social, economic, and human rights issues, as well as creating the media space for them. This independent non-profit organization emerged from the VII Foundation, founded by world-famous photographers Ron Haviv and Gary Knight in 2001.
Healthy Aging with a Smile
The elderly population in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specifically those over 60, often don’t have enough available activities to fill their free time. A growing number of Healthy Aging Centers seek to address the needs of older people, offering numerous workshops and activities they can enjoy every day without having to spend large sums of money. These are not nursing homes, as is commonly assumed.
The Ostojić Couple: Multiethnic Family Backgrounds and Love
The love story of 35-year-old Vahdijana from Serbia and 39-year-old Momir from Bosnia and Herzegovina began with an introduction through mutual friends. Vahdijana, a teacher working developmentally challenged students, and Momir, a computer programmer, faced no significant obstacles in their love story, despite encountering a few disapproving glances. Their love eventually culminated in marriage, and today, they reside in the Brčko District with their two children.
People as inspiration, photography as a joy
Realizing that photography was her true love, Aida Redžepagić, a Kakanj girl with a Sarajevo address, left her job as a university professor and devoted herself completely to what brings her the most joy.
Peace Monument in Bosanski Petrovac
Peace monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are increasingly more present as of the ways of establishing peace in a post-conflict society.
Youth Organizations Prepare Young People for Employment
Through various projects including sports, entertainment, cultural, and educational activities, youth organizations are striving to encourage volunteerism and the employment of young people in local communities.