People as inspiration, photography as a joy
Realizing that photography was her true love, Aida Redžepagić, a Kakanj girl with a Sarajevo address, left her job as a university professor and devoted herself completely to what brings her the most joy.
Peace Monument in Bosanski Petrovac
Peace monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are increasingly more present as of the ways of establishing peace in a post-conflict society.
Youth Organizations Prepare Young People for Employment
Through various projects including sports, entertainment, cultural, and educational activities, youth organizations are striving to encourage volunteerism and the employment of young people in local communities.
Elvir and Nataša: When Love Triumphs on its Own
Nataša and Elvir Čelebić, born in 1976 and 1978 respectively, embarked on their love story 20 years ago. Today, it is crowned with two children, Boris (born in 1997) and Ena (born in 2003), demonstrating that love knows know boundaries.
The Politicization of Religious Institutions
In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), as well as regionally and around the globe, there is a growing trend of intertwining religious and ethnic identities. The fusion of religion and politics can be seen in the construction of monuments to armies on religious properties.
Sejfo and Mira: “Nothing Can Conquer Love”
The love between Sejfo and Mira Mahmutović has withstood the tests of war, distance, ethnic difference, and more. Since meeting in high school, this love has blossomed into a happy life together in marriage.