Bosnian-Herzegovinian Identity and a Unique Story Woven into Kilims
In the past, woven kilims and other handicraft carpets were a reflection of a family’s reputation. The more skilled young women were in handcrafts, the wealthier the household. Today, however, things are different.
Mirza Mustafagić and the “You Can Be That Person Too” Campaign for Oncology Patients
Gaining people’s trust is a challenging task, but once achieved, it should be utilized in the most positive way possible. This is how influencer Mirza Mustafagić begins his story, which is well-known to the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. He is an advocate for young people and all those who express and stand by their opinions - a rare and valuable quality today that should be encouraged. Mirza is the force behind the “You Can Be That Person Too” campaign, supporting the Oncology Department of the University Clinical Center (UCC) in Tuzla.
Genocide Commemoration in Tuzla: “We Don’t Harbor Hatred, but We Will Never Forget”
The Srebrenica genocide is commemorated in Tuzla, where many survivors came after the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995. The commemoration features demonstrations demanding justice and emphasizing the importance of remembrance, a commemorative march, a recitation of the names of the genocide victims, and various other cultural activities and events. The message of the commemoration is clear: “We don’t hate, but we will never forget.”
Emir Avdić: Preserving an Old Craft with A Modern Method
Twenty-eight-year-old Emir Avdić from Dubrava, near Tuzla, replaced ladles, pots, knives, and pans with wool, a tufting gun, and canvas.
International Documentary Film Festival in Tuzla is Reborn
After 32 years, a historical gem was reborn. The International Documentary Film Festival in Tuzla was restarted this year under its traditional symbolism of the Miner and the color red, which pays tribute to the blood spilled by the working class in the building of the country.