Overcoming Prejudices: Nurturing Diversity through Entertainment and Play
Amra Hrustić-Šabanović, a math teacher in a Sarajevo school, together with her son Husejn, breaks down prejudices about people with Down syndrome on a daily basis, with the message that with a little more empathy and understanding, the world can be a much nicer place. On their Instagram profile down_i_mi, you can find the unconditional support that Husejn and his mom share with the public every day.
Climate Change Demands Greater Attention in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Climate change is becoming increasingly evident in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Four activists from Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Zenica are tirelessly working to raise awareness about the need to address environmental issues: Samir Lemeš from Eko Forum Zenica, Edna and Meliha from the Youth Movement Revolt Tuzla, and independent activist Layla Jusko.
PRONI: Young People are Invaluable
“Just imagine, dare and ask – the PRONI team has the answer,” says Miroslava Milivojević, a student at the PRONI Academy of Youth Work in Banja Luka.
State of Peace Youth Academy: Connections and Cooperation of Youth
A state of peace is not only the absence of war but a full understanding and tolerance of others as well as the realization of human rights without discrimination. This is one of the messages from the meeting of representatives of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EU BiH) and participants of the State of Peace Youth Academy, which was held at the headquarters of the Delegation of the EU BiH in Sarajevo.
‘State of Peace’ Youth Academy gathers 50 young people from the region
At the first 'State of Peace' Youth Academy, organized by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Post-Conflict Research Center, 50 young people from the Western Balkans will learn about peace and democracy through cultural and artistic events, as well as educational workshops. Scheduled to take place from August 18 – 31, the program will encompass activities in Tuzla, Brčko, Sarajevo, and Vitez.
At the first Youth Academy ‘State of Peace,’ organized by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EU BiH) in collaboration with the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC), 50 young individuals from the Western Balkans region will learn about the state of peace and the building of a democratic society through cultural and artistic events and …