Maja Milinković: The Musician Blending Portuguese Fado with Bosnian Sevdah
Sixteen years ago, Sarajevo singer-songwriter Maja Milinković first heard Portuguese fado (meaning ʻfateʼ in Portuguese). She has since become a pioneer, along with her ensemble, in introducing this musical genre to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Merging it with the traditional Bosnian sevdah/sevdalinka genre, Milinković has managed to combine different rhythms and meditative character into one.
Sassja: We are all different people, but we have that common thread
We know Sanela Halilović, "Sassja," as the lady of the Bosnian rap scene, with a recognizable voice and attitude. In her private life, she is first of all a mother, then a graduate with a master’s in pharmacy, and a workaholic. She is someone who has a lot of energy and is constantly looking for positivity around her.
Sevdah: The Perfect Marriage of Preservation and Innovation
Sevdalinka (also known as sevdah) is the folk musical expression of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The word sevdalinka comes from the Arabic word sawda which means ‘black bile’ – one of the four bodily ‘humors’, which was believed to determine the melancholic state.
Jelena Milušić and Merima Ključo: Balkan Soul Expressed Through Music
While Jelena Milušić caresses the specific counter-alto with her voice, one of the world's most famous accordionists, Merima Ključo, accompanies Jelena on the accordion. They have both chosen music as their vocation and call their collaboration destiny.
House of Good Tones: A Place for Learning, Gathering, and Positive Change
The Srebrenica association House of Good Tones has been fulfilling its mission for over a decade, believing in the idea that changes must be local, lasting, and sustainable. From the very beginning, their goal has been to connect young people from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Potočari, Milići, Konjević Polje, and Skelani, providing them with various skills through modern teaching methodologies. Although they started as a musical movement, today, young people within the association have the opportunity to explore and study other fields.
Balkan rap: Activism in music will never die out
Music cares not for geographic and other boundaries. Fans and admirers of the same kind of music may easily find each other and be connected, ignoring everything that divides them.