SOS Bihać: Humanity without Borders
Zlatan Kovačević, the founder of SOS Bihać, has been gathering volunteers from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as well as abroad for the past four years to help people from the Una-Sana Canton who are in need. As a boy, he became one of the first civilian victims of war in BiH, and Kovačević’s many years of work on various projects demonstrate an ordinary man’s struggle and willingness to help others. 
Job Scarcity Drives Balkan Youth Away
During the past decade, unemployment among youth in the Western Balkans has been a persistent issue. Young people from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo are leaving the Balkans massively in search of better job opportunities and a chance for a higher quality of life. 
Untold Stories: Youth Working at the Srebrenica Memorial Center
Srebrenica Memorial Center strives to preserve the memory of genocide and combat its denial. Led by Dr. Emir Suljagić, the young team works tirelessly to show consequences and the scale of genocide that happened in Srebrenica and Eastern Bosnia to the whole world. A young volunteer from Visoko, Amina Žiga, has been part of the team for a year, even though she is not from Srebrenica. 
Gender-based violence as a social problem
Gender-based violence is one problem that is not appropriately litigated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Given the pervasive patriarchal system in Bosnian society, this problem is not only a victim’s problem, as it is often perceived but also a social problem.
A New Hiking Route: New Tourist Potential For Željezno Polje
Markings on the hiking trail near Mahnjača encourages the inhabitants of Željezno Polje to discover the beauties and potential of their mountainous village. This is a story about how the joint work of mountaineers and other locals opens the way to new recreational and economic opportunities.