“Kapija ‘95” – The Truth and the Imperatives of Prosecution and Honoring Victims

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The documentary film “Kapija ‘95” premiered in Tuzla, where on the evening of May 25th, 1995, the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) fired a grenade into the center of the city, killing 71 young people and wounding 150 more. The film underscored compassion for the victims, persistence on the path of the truth, and the necessity of prosecuting those responsible for this terrible crime.

“Kapija ‘95” was produced by the Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) and the Srebrenica Memorial Center in cooperation with the British production company PINCH Media.

Velma Šarić, president and founder of PCRC and the film’s producer, explained that it was made with the intention of highlighting the need to prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes because the only person convicted for the crime at the Tuzla Gate remains free in Serbia, never having served his prison sentence. 

Velma Šarić, president of the Post-Conflict Research Center (Photo: Benisa Bibuljica)

“We showed the heroic struggle of the doctors of the Clinical Center of the University of Tuzla, heroes in white. They demonstrated exceptional professionalism in helping those wounded in the massacre. We are donating the film to Tuzla, the Memorial Room, the families of the survivors, and the parents of the murdered children, with the aim of warning that this crime must never be forgotten,” said Šarić.

She emphasized that “Kapija ‘95” is a testament, a warning, and a reminder, to ensure that new generations are aware of what happened. “This film was made in the service of prevention,” added Šarić.

Tuzla Mayor Jasmin Imamović said that the crime at the Tuzla Gate is the city’s deepest wound, and it cannot and should not be forgotten. 

Jasmin Imamović. mayor of Tuzla (Source: hayat.ba)

“We mustn’t keep quiet about it or stop producing films and books in remembrance of the victims,” said Imamović.  He pointed out that the film “Kapija ‘95” means a lot to the citizens of Tuzla because it is based on the true event.

Denying crimes and genocide, as Imamović said, lays the groundwork for new crimes and that is why we must persist in our fight.

Zineta Hidanović, whose son Alem was killed in the massacre at the Tuzla Gate, attended the premiere of “Kapija ’95.” She said that it is very important to have a record of these events so that what happened is never forgotten. 

“You all witnessed what we did, as parents. Everything we did was rejected. You don’t have your child anymore and that’s it. When the truth will come out… That’s why we need records, and we need to write about it,” said Hidanović.

Source: hayat.ba

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced Novak Đukić, the commander of the VRS Ozren Tactical Group to 20 years in prison for ordering the shelling of Tuzla on May 25th, 1995. Due to the application of a milder law, he was released from serving his sentence, after which he fled to Serbia. Citing Đukić’s poor health, Serbia did not apprehend and extradite him back to BiH to serve his sentence. 

The film “Kapija ‘95” was also shown on May 24th, 2022, at the Srebrenica Memorial Center, and on August 10th, 2022, at the Kovači Memorial Center as part of the “Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Igman 2022” event.

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