Women with Disabilities Forum: From a Whisper to a Shout
The Tuzla Canton Women with Disabilities Forum was established within the framework of the “Here I am - Visible and Proud” project. Working with women with disabilities, it aims to bolster their self-confidence, familiarize them with the experiences of victims of violence, and advocate for their reproductive health, right to education, and similar issues. Some of these initiatives are carried out through performances, such as “Silences,” which was based on the personal stories of women with disabilities.
When Coexistence Becomes Parallel Existence: “Two Schools under One Roof”
What began as a temporary arrangement, “two schools under one roof” has now become an enduring example of segregation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with profound implications for long-term peace and coexistence in the country. 
Blue Balloons: Autism Awareness and Acceptance
Raising awareness about autism and the autism spectrum is essential for promoting the inclusion of those affected by the disorder in everyday activities, combatting prejudice, and helping these people to overcome challenges. Autism is typically characterized by problems with communication and socialization, as well as repetitive actions. 
On Holocaust Memorial Institutions and the Bosnian Genocide
Polish-born Jewish legal theorist Raphael Lemkin first coined the term ‘genocide’ in his 1944 work ‘Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress.’ Lemkin’s description of genocide as entailing “criminal intent to destroy or to cripple permanently a human group” laid the foundations for the Genocide Convention and genocide studies as a sociological discipline.
An Association Fighting for the Rights of Children with Disabilities
A group of citizens dissatisfied with the rights that their children receive in the area of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK) founded the association Roditelji djece sa invaliditetom (“Parenting Children with Disabilities”) with the hope of increasing awareness among competent institutions of the issues children with disabilities face.
Finding the “CURE” to Gender Inequality in Bosnia and Herzegovina
The fight for women’s rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been one of the most difficult human rights issues to overcome in recent years.